MSDS- dettol rửa tay msds ,Dettol 2 in 1 Hands and Surfaces Antibacterial wipes: 261 kb: Dettol Anti-bacterial Laundry Sanitiser - Fresh Cotton: 251 kb: Dettol Antibacterial Laundry Sanitiser - Natural Eucalyptus: 2074 kb: Dettol Antibacterial Surface Cleanser Spray: 127 kb: Dettol Antibacterial Surface Cleanser Spray - with Fresh Lime & Mint: 159: Dettol Antiseptic ...MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET 1. Product and Company ...Mar 26, 2010·MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Product Name Dettol. 1. Product and Company Identification space UPC CODES Refer to Section 16 space CAS # Mixture space Product use Antiseptic space Manufacturer Reckitt Benckiser Healthcare LTD Dansom Lane Hull, England HU8 7DS In Case of Emergency: 1-800-888-0192 Transportation Emergencies: 24 Hour Number:

Dettol Antiseptic Liquid -

Dettol Antiseptic Disinfectant (Liquid) 1. Identification of the material and supplier SAFETY DATA SHEET Product name Dettol Antiseptic Disinfectant (Liquid): SDS no. : Names Material uses : Antiseptic. D0059298 v7.2 Australia - 13 11 26 New Zealand - 0800 764 766 or 0800 POISON Poison Information contact:: Formulation # : 930666 v7.0 Supplier ...

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